This is Deb Jasinski. She is the resident floral designer and creative director of Ochre & Bough, a freelance floral designer, and mom to two busy teenagers. She’s worked in the floral industry for nearly thirty years, has taught and mentored for ten, and her designs have been published worldwide. Sharing the craft of floral design goes well beyond the classroom for Deb. She lives by the words of French painter, Henri Matisse, who once said “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” Sharing with students how to open their creative eyes to all that nature has to offer is an integral part of her teaching practice. Deb has a huge crush on freesia for its heavenly fragrance.


This is Stephanie Fehrenbach. She is the resident watercolour artist at Ochre & Bough, a full-time artist in Waterloo, Ontario, and mom to a very active toddler. She is an intuitive painter, always approaching her work with a sense of playfulness and fun. To Steph, creating art is all about finding joy in the process. She loves to create abstract paintings in both oils and watercolours, and is drawn to flowers because of their delicate beauty, endless colours and whimsical shapes. Her watercolours are light, airy and transparent, while her oils are thickly textured to allow the blooms to appear alive and thriving against the flat, neutral background of the canvas. Steph swoons over the ruffly layers of a peony!

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This is Alexandra Craioveanu. She is a watercolour and acrylic artist in Waterloo, Ontario. Alex has been in love with art for as long as she can remember, and spends all her spare time creating pieces of realism portraits and botanical landscapes. She also dabbles in abstract paintings, acrylic pours and oil paints. Alex has always enjoyed experimenting and trying new things with her art and techniques. Aside from her love of art and the creation of custom canvas pieces, she especially loves spending time with her fur baby Shih Tzu. Alex is crazy about the intricacies of orchids, especially the phalaenopsis.


This is Theresa Schumilas, owner of Garden Party in Petersburg, Ontario. She is a 30 year veteran of organic vegetable farming. When Theresa learned about the chemicals, the carbon footprint of importation, and the unfair labour practices tainting the import floral industry she decided to make flowers beautiful again by opening a chapter of Garden Party for organic, sustainably grown flowers in 2014. Since then she has completely transformed her four acre property into flowers exclusively, boasting over 100 varieties of cut flowers. She offers wholesale, retail, and pick-your-own services. Theresa gets most excited about lily-of-the valley after a long winter!

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This is Sonya Kurevija. She is a horticultural therapist (resident) and master gardener. It is her belief that horticultural therapy is an alternative and complimentary therapy. It works in conjunction with traditional medical treatments using plants and all its possibilities to improve daily living. After spending 10 plus years working in various long-term care homes, palliative care, elementary schools, and private residences, she saw first hand the benefits of working with plants and gardens. She has had the privilege of studying under Christine Pollard of the Royal Botanical Gardens and Mitch Hewson of Homewood Health Centre in Guelph, who were both responsible for gaining recognition for the education and practice of Horticultural Therapy in Canada. Sonya’s favourite flower is the magnolia.

Sonya is also a jewellery designer. Click here to be directed to her personal website. @sonyajmdesigns

This is Jacquelyn Morley. Jacquelyn is a 4th year vocal music student, owner of Jasper Rose Co., and overall Arts enthusiast! From a very young age, she has always been intrigued by art (in all its forms) and the capability we have to create beautiful things. In Fall 2019, Jacquelyn took the next step and decided to turn her love of embroidery hoop art into an Etsy business. She loves designing hoops that showcase the beauty of simplicity, whether she is stitching a flower or faux calligraphy. Jacquelyn gets ecstatic when her brilliant white peonies burst into bloom in mid June!

Instagram @jasper_rose_co

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